All You Need to Know About the Academic Program at Global Sevilla

To provide quality education, Global Sevilla has a variety of educational levels. There are three programs offered by the school for students, such as kindergarten, elementary school, and high school. By grouping academic levels, students at international school Jakarta are expected to be able to focus on learning according to their capacity. Here is the explanation.

All You Need to Know About the Academic Program at Global Sevilla

Kindergarten School Programs at Global Sevilla

At the first level, there is a kindergarten program focused on early childhood development. In this program, the curriculum used is the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) program. This method implements a fun and practical learning method. Young students are not only focused on studying the material but are also given other activities to develop their positive characteristics.

There will be several activities that students can participate in, such as sports, group work, and playing games. To develop academic skills, Global Sevilla also teaches language and literacy through multilingual communication. The second learning area offered by this program will provide knowledge and understanding of language when communicating.

Not only that, but this international school Jakarta also makes programs that can develop its problem-solving abilities. That is why students are taught several materials, such as counting and reasoning with practical and fun activities. Along with it, IEYC can also develop students’ abilities, such as emotional, social, and personal when interacting with other people.

Primary School Program at Global Sevilla

Moving on to the next level of education, namely elementary school with a focus on inquiry-based Active Learning. As an international school, Global Sevilla uses a curriculum that is specific to students’ needs, namely Cambridge and International foundation courses. This curriculum is combined with other programs to teach students more comprehensively and creatively in the classroom.

Secondary School Program at Global Sevilla

At the next level, the international school Jakarta provides project-focused programs and research-based learning. At this stage, students must understand their characteristics to find the skills they are interested in. At the same time, students will also learn how to think innovatively and creatively. It is an essential aspect to note and help them in solving future problems.

Overall, Global Sevilla provides three different academic levels based on age. For the first level, the program that can be chosen is a kindergarten school with the IEYC curriculum. Furthermore, there is a basic level that will use active inquiry-based learning. At the next level, students can take part in secondary school programs that are useful for encouraging student problem-solving.